SilverScript Insurance Medicare part D drug Formulary

A Medicare part D drug formulary is a preferred list of drugs that has been developed to meet the needs of most patients based on most commonly prescribed drugs. There are drugs that are mandated by the government to be a part of each Medicare Prescription Drug Plan’s formulary.

A Medicare part D drug formulary is reviewed and updated on a regular basis by medical and pharmacy professionals. Prescriptions that are included in the plan’s formulary are called covered drugs. If a drug is not on the formulary, it is not covered and the plan’s benefits will not apply.

Formularies can change. If the Medicare part D drug formulary changes, affected enrollees will be notified before the change. You can visit this website to see the current formulary at any time as it will be updated regularly as needed. Should a drug that you are taking be removed from the formulary, you will be notified by us. Also, if you currently take a drug that is not on our formulary, you may appeal to ask us to cover that drug.

SilverScript Insurance plan formularies use tiers, or levels, to show you which drugs are available at which prices. It is important to note that generics are almost always the most cost effective choices – they usually appear on Tier 1, at the lowest prices.

The link below will allow you to view the formulary list as well as access other prescription-related tools and information. Drug List (Formulary)

As a benefit for enrolled SilverScript Insurance members, you will have access to a Health and Wellness section from SilverScript Insurance. The site offers drug and health news, interactive quizzes and references, online calculators, and a wide range of articles relating to healthcare.